Project summary report issued 28.6.2019, see from Publications

Timo Sukuvaara will have a poster presentation called "Vehicle winter testing with advanced road weather services and combined 5G and V2X communication" in Car 2 Car Forum in Lelystadt Netherlands, 20.-21.11.2018

Timo Sukuvaara had presentation "5G Vehicle Winter Testing Track for Intelligent Traffic and Advanced Road Weather Services Development" in 5G Automotive Forum 25.-26.9.2018 in Berlin

Timo Sukuvaara presented the paper "ITS-enabled advanced road weather services and infrastructures for vehicle winter testing, professional traffic fleets and future automated driving", co-authored by Kari Mäenpää, Daria Stepanova, Sakari Kantomaa and Virve Karsisto, in ITS world Congress 2018 in Copenhagen 19.9.2018

31.1.2018 Combined winter testing and connected car testing area with 5G-test network launched in Sodankylä, read more.

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