Sod5G test track in Sodankylä

Winter testing track with 5G, vehicular networking and dense road weather measurements and services By Finnish Meteorological Institute

This developmend project has been granted 83 821 € from European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and governmental fund. 15 190 € goes to VTT and 3 559 € to Lapin AMK. Whole budget of the project is 119 744 €.

Also related investment project has been granted 40 600 € from European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and governmental fund. Whole budget for the investment project is 60 600 €.

The main objective of this project is the 5G-network and road weather services development and piloting environment for the dedicated special needs of multi-authority -, intelligent traffic and vehicle winter testing needs. As the result of this project, accurate location-based road weather information and forecast service is implemented throughout the testing area road network and entity, delivered through advanced 5G-development network to all authorities, vehicles, drivers and the rest of the traffic actors in real time. The work is conducted in close co-operation with VTT, which has major role in the design and development of wider 5GTNF-testing environment in Oulu. Also the University of Applied Sciences in Rovaniemi participates to the project by utilizing its own knowledge in special solutions (e.g. electric snowmobile, tourism services).

The pilot testing platform of 5G networking and road weather services will act as an essential element of FMI Intelligent Transport Systems and road weather services development also in other related research in the area. At the same time, the requirements for enhanced testing of multi-authority co-operative services, various kinds of rescue and flight operations as well as vehicle winter testing are fulfilled and requirements for the long-term research activities within these topics ensured. Separate, independent management and operationing company will be found, among other things coordinating external companies arrival and supporting new SME-activities.

Development project time table 1.12.2016-31.5.2019. Test track operations are ongoing, the track serves as a testbed of all FMI intelligent traffic projects.

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Timo Sukuvaara
FMI Intelligent traffic research coordinator
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